The Best Smartwatches for Android – National Culturists

by Emily | Last Updated: September 28, 2020

As we talk about the compatibility, then choosing excellent smartwatch for the android is yet the superlative option for you. The rest why android smartwatches all in all are becoming so much popular is because these watches are compatible to easily work with the android & iOS devices.

No matter whether you have been searching for the best Google smartwatch or even the Samsung, you will nevertheless be finding the on which is included with wide collection of features and advanced mobile systematic support. Some of the smartwatches are hence available in high price range but many of them are affordable too

Right here we have a long list of excellent and best budget smartwatch for Android 2020 for you to choose the one which suits best on your requirements and daily use:


1: Samsung Galaxy Best Android Smartwatch

This has been one of the best and top most wanted smartwatch in market by Samsung. This is stylish looking in terms of design and has some advanced features in it. Plus it is included with the 5ATM water-resistant rating as well with the battery life survival of 5 days maximum. Plus, it even includes built-in GPS, with the Bluetooth wireless connectivity, along with the iOS or Android compatibility.



This Samsung smartwatch has been powered with the Samsung’s Tizen OS which is already offered with so many parallels with the Google Wear OS. This watch is compatible to work with Android as well as iOS smartphones.  It is available in two different sizes in which the bigger one has the dimension of 46mm.  You can get it in 3 different color shades of your choices. Exterior designing of the watch has been extra durable due to its MIL-spec rating of high 810G.


2: TicWatch Pro Premium Wear OS Android Smartwatch

This has been another top most leading smartwatch for Android which you should not miss to buy right now! This smartwatch has an excellent battery power which can survive for maximum 30 days.  Plus it has been also powered with the Google’s Wear OS as well as it has Google Assistant built-in.  You can also view the features of fitness tracking, NFC payments and smartwatch notifications.



Hence this smartwatch is based on the high-resolution of AMOLED display with the superior FSTN LCD low-power display.  You can have this smarwatch to be available in two different modes such as essential mode and smart mode.

Some of its additional features are fitness tracking, mobile payments, mobile notifications and so much more. This Wear OS is supporting Google Play Apps which are accountable for increasing the functionality of the watch.


3: Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Android Smartwatch

Next we have Google Smartwatch by Garmin! This excellent smartwatch is highly recommended for the outdoor activities and recording your workout sessions. It has reliable series of GPS with the features of some built-in sports-tracking apps. This watch is also powered with the proprietary Garmin OS, as well as 100% compatible with the both iOS & Android smartphones.



The reason why this smartwatch is becoming so much popular is due to its feature of sports or fitness monitoring. It has been preloaded with 15 different modes of sports tracking such as yoga, swimming or running.  Plus it is also involved with the GPS tracking which is best for recording your daily based running or the workout routine in the real-time.


4: Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Android Smartwatch

This is another smartwatch which has been introduced by Fossil Gen! This watch has been combined with the outlook of the traditional wrist watch style which offers some smart functionality features. It has been powered with the Google’s Wear OS therefore it is compatible with both the iOS as well as Android smartphones.


Metal finishing of w/ 3ATM water-resistance

2 days of long battery life

Google Pay & Google Assistant built-in


This watch has been included with the 3ATM water-resistance so you can keep a track record of yourself at the time of swimming. It even offers you with the connectivity options of WiFi with BlueToot access of 4.1 LE. Through the local storage space of 8GB, you can store maximum files and videos of your own choice.  For the remote calling support, it has been included with the Bluetooth calling which is a built-in speaker, as well as a mic allow for remote call support.

5: Anmino ASM6C GPS Android Smartwatch

If you are tight on your budget but still you want an advanced smartwatch, then choosing this Anmino smartwatch is the best option for you. It is the cheapest on our list with some advanced features part of it.  Hence this smartwatch brings for you the features of activity tracking with the GPS and heart-rate. Its battery life existence time is almost 5 hours.



Above all such features, there are some extra functional features as well in which we have calculator, stopwatch and timer with alarm.  It does not offer any access for the apps or the watch faces to get it downloaded.   But it does have some preloaded set of watch faces for the users.  Well this is the best smartwatch for all those people who are looking for an affordable smartwatch in the midst of advanced features.