Affordable Laptops for Gaming are Possible to Find

by Emily | Last Updated: May 6, 2023

You might not think that laptops and gaming do not mix. Laptops are built for convenience and trimness; it has less power and minimal space for expansions, which are normal for desktop computers aimed for gaming.

The desktop computer is the top pick among gamers due to its higher specifications but this time around, this thinking has changed. You can now purchase laptops with tons of power and that function fast, and are affordable to boot. Yes, there are good gaming laptops that have the specs you need.

There are companies which are now producing reasonably priced laptops for hardcore gamers like Alienware and Dell. Back in the day, cheaper gaming laptops were hindered by typical issues like speed, power, customizability, battery life and expansion.

PCs have plenty of room to spare when it comes to expansions and powerful graphics cards, while laptops are pretty much limited when it comes to this aspect. A desktop computer can also get lots of power and make use of fans for keeping the unit cool; laptops do not have this capability.

Furthermore, the creation and upgrade of laptops was longwinded and burdened by the platform’s constraints.

These days, cheap and good gaming laptops are a reality. As mentioned, brands like Alienware have created top-notch, powerful parts that are contained in a durable, lightweight and competitively priced laptop. This is truly a great upgrade due to the standard size of a laptop.

Nowadays, consumers are presented with plenty of options when it comes to selecting affordable laptops for gaming. Here are several aspects you have to remember when looking for such products.



The processor is the heart of any laptop; great performance depends on the quickness of the processor. Guarantee that the model contains at least a dual core processor or more than that. Intel has higher CPUs now in the form of the i3, i5, and i7. These work well in laptops.

Graphics card

The graphics card is the most important component of a gaming laptop since it provides the laptop its juice to keep going, even on the most high-end of games. It also greatly consumes power and produces plenty of heat. Search for a model laptop with at least 512 MB of onboard memory.


A higher RAM rate is always better. The suggested minimum is at least 2 gigs but you can go beyond and opt for 4 gigs.

Battery life

No matter how perfect the gaming laptop performs, if it has a mediocre battery, you will not be able to take advantage of its excellent features. Thus, look for a gaming laptop that provides at least 1 to 1.5 hours of playtime on a full charge.

Size of the screen

A screen with a size of 13” will never be on par with a 17” one. Buy a model with the largest screen that your budget can afford. A good screen size for a gaming laptop is 15”.

Other considerations

Furthermore, you have to check whether the laptop can be upgraded when it comes to hardware, like supplementing it with additional hard drives, changing them with new ones, and the full amount of RAM memory that will suit the inside of the model. You also have to know if these components are exchangeable.

Check the warranty of the product as well when buying a model because of the costly hardware inside it. It is crucial that you first research the product so you will not end up with a product that you will regret buying.

Check online and visit the manufacturer or seller’s website to see the models they have on hand. Making comparisons between varieties of models is advised as well. You can also hit up reviews about models and see whether they were given high ratings by customers.

The chief differences between laptops are their parts and the manner in which they perform to generate images on the screen, whether it is a regular model or one made for gaming. With such a range of options, selecting a cheap, good gaming laptop can be a challenge.

However, if you focus on important individual parts and features, and gather knowledge of what other customers have to say about the product on the internet, you will be capable of finding a model that fits what you need.